Marco Carmignan is a documentary photographer who was born near Venice, in 1991. He is currently based between Italy and Denmark.

He worked as engineer for seven years but he decided to change his life for photography in 2018. Driven by curiosity he uses photography to understand the world he perceives, to find himself and the humanity in our world. His projects mostly concern social issues and anthropological aspects. He deal with works carefully and through in-depth research before to start any project. He uses the documentary approach based on participant observation avoiding to influence any circumstance as much as possible and he always tries to get an intimacy feeling in his works. Furthermore, he is constantly seeking new forms of storytelling using a wise combination of multimedia. He joined the Explorers at National Geographic Society in 2019.

For him, documenting stories is to give the voice to those people who are often invisible.



2018-2019 Studying Photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism;

2017 Masterclass in “Performing Media Operator” with Carlo Infante
(EU sponsered project and approved with DDR by Direzione Formazione e Istruzione 365, 15/11/2016);

2016 Workshop in Reportage Photography with Ivo Saglietti;

2016 Darkroom course with Andrea Calabresi;

2015 Workshop in Reportage Photography with Francesco Cito and Riccardo Bononi;



2019 National Geographic Early Career Grant

2018 Finalist at Lucie Foundation Scholarship program in Photojournalism

2017 International Photography Awards - 2nd place in Editorial “General News” for the entry Balkanistan

2016 International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention in Event-Social Cause for the entry Imiria



Second to last - A tale of stories on how the recent wave of migrants has highlighted the plight of Serbs ethnically cleansed from other regions of Yugoslavia in the 1990s who are still living as refugees in Serbia - The Black Sea

Rifugiati in Serbia: destini incrociati - Le migrazioni in Serbia e ciò che resta dei conflitti degli anni '90. Un reportage - Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso


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